French Language Study in Montreal

Exciting Winter Break

This unique French language program is designed so that Mason students can complete the full university language requirement (9 credits) in 6 weeks and is now in its fourth year!

UQAM students on campus
Students on UQAM Campus

Open to beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Classes explore French vocabulary, grammar, language functions (agreeing and disagreeing, for instance), reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation. By the end of this program, students should expect to have a better understanding and mastery of French but also a deeper familiarity and kinship with Montreal and Quebec society.

Old Montreal place Jacques Cartier
Old Montreal, Place Jacques-Cartier

“My daughter’s 9 credits in her French Immersion class in Montreal was well worth the money spent. She not only experienced French every day, she met people from all over the globe, ate new foods and learned a little bit more about herself. As an out of state GMU student the class saved us about $4000. I would highly recommend that you look into this program.”

--Penny Z., parent of a 2011 Montreal program student

students in quad,

Morning Program

The morning program focuses on an integrated global approach whereby all the language aspects--vocabulary, grammar, language functions (agreeing and disagreeing, for instance), and pronunciation--are dealt with not as separate items but as part and parcel of a theme-based curriculum.

During the program, students will take an active part in various activities and exercises designed to boost and strengthen their language skills, both written and oral with emphasis placed on oral communication. In the course of this program, students will, therefore, be using the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The program fee also covers a variety of theme-based activities that will compliment language learning and lead to the discovery and better understanding of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada. Various themes include:

• Culture and Society
• Local and World Cuisine
• Fashion and the Arts
• The Climate and the Environment

By the end of this program, students should expect to have a better understanding and mastery of French but also a deeper familiarity and kinship with Montreal and Quebec society.

Cafe in downtown Montreal
Café in Downtown Montréal

Afternoon Communication Workshops:

Three times a week, students will take part in Communication Workshops that will help them gain more confidence, predominantly in their oral skills, while broadening the richness of their vocabulary thanks to an array of communicative activities, both fun and challenging. These workshops will give them the opportunity to discover a deeper appreciation of life in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

This is a TRANSFER CREDIT program. You must receive the grade of "C" or higher on your UQAM transcript at the end of your study for your credits to transfer back to Mason (grades do not transfer back). The course approval process is completed using the "Petition for the Transfer of Credit" form. Each student must complete this form. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your program officer.

Dates: July 6-August 16, 2014*

You should plan to leave the United States by July 1st to arrive in Canada for the first day of the program. You can schedule your return to the United States from Canada for the last day of the program or choose to travel independently.

Do not purchase international air-/train-fare until you are advised by your Program Officer.

Program Fee: $5,499

The Center for Global Education Program Fee includes:

  • Tuition and registration fee (Mason and UQAM)
  • Placement exam and breakfast on the first day
  • Housing
  • Pre-departure orientation and materials
  • Emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance


Scholarships are available to George Mason students through the Center for Global Education as well as through outside resources.

CGE Scholarships

Open to George Mason University students who participate in CGE Winter Break and Summer Programs. CGE Scholarship amounts range from approximately $250 to $1,000 and are both merit- and need-based. Students who are awarded a Global Scholarship may volunteer to assist CGE in the promotion of study abroad upon their return.

CGE Scholarships Information Page

Financial Aid

Mason students may also use financial aid (external link to FAFSA Student Aid) to cover a program's cost. If you are not a George Mason university student check with your study abroad office or office of financial aid to learn more about how to cover the cost of your study abroad.

How to Apply

Consult the How to Apply section for detailed instructions.

  1. Start by completing the online application.

  2. Pay the $150 registration and processing fee ($200 for non-Mason).

Note that all supplemental documents are required by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Contact the Program Officer for further application forms and instructions specific to your program.

*CGE reserves the right to make changes to a program in light of currency fluctuations, changing security and safety conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances.