Summer Internship in Curitiba, Brazil


Study abroad this summer for over two full months in beautiful Curitiba, Brazil where you will gain global and professional experience interning for a Brazilian company or organization.

Placements are available in Business, Environmental Studies, Government, Global Affairs, Economics, Conflict, and in many more disciplines. All participants experience full cultural immersion by staying with a Brazilian family and earn a total of 6 credits from George Mason University.

Participants spend the first week becoming oriented to Curitiba and taking an intensive course in Portuguese language and Business Culture in Brazil. During the following weeks, students will gain valuable internship experience in while Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup. Curitiba is a host city for the 2014 World Cup.

Photo of John, a GMU Intern in Brazil


GMU Brazil Interns Exploring on the Weekends, Summer 2012


GMU Interns Arrival to Curitiba, Summer 2012

TED talk by Jaime Lerner, Urban Planner and former Mayor of Curitiba:

Previous Internship Placements:

Recent internships for George Mason University students have included:

...Plus MANY other options in Economics, Tourism, Business, Government, Global Affairs, Environmental Conservation, Non-Profits, IT, Urban Planning and other fields. Students are placed based on their academic background and professional interests.

Additionally, many tourism and hospitality positions will be available to coincide with the 2014 World Cup. Curitiba is one of the World Cup host cities.

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba and the City Skyline - Photo by José Vladimir

Dates: June 1 - Aug 15, 2014

You should plan to leave the United States at least one day prior to the program start date to arrive in Brazil for the first day of the program. You can schedule your return to the United States from Brazil for the last day of the program or choose to travel independently.

Do not purchase international airfare until you are advised by your Program Officer.

Program Fee: $5,975

The Center for Global Education Program Fee includes:

  • Tuition - 6 credits
  • Housing - homestay with a Brazilian family or hostel (for an additional fee)
  • Breakfast and dinner each day (homestay option only)
  • Welcome orientation in-country
  • Internship placement
  • Airport pickup
  • Full-time in-city support
  • Visa instructions and support documentation
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Emergency medical insurance, including medical evacuation and repatriation

Financial aid eligible! Contact CGE for a cost breakdown to bring to financial aid to determine your eligibility!

How to Apply

Consult the How to Applysection for detailed instructions. Start by completing the online application. Pay the $150 registration and processing fee ($300 for non-Mason).

Note that all supplemental documents are required by the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Contact the Program Officer for further application forms and instructions specific to your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to apply?

Online application and registration and processing fee:


Submit all supplemental materials: 1 passport-size photo (keep additional photos for your visa); electronic resume; electronic cover letter discussing your motivations for the internship, your academic and professional goals, and why Brazil interests you; 1 letter of recommendation (academic or professional); and a copy of your passport.

Materials can be sent to the CGE office or emailed to

Q: What should my cover letter look like and to whom should it be addressed?

The cover letter should be thought of as a "statement of motivation" rather than a typical cover letter. This document should give CGE, our partner organization working on the internship placement, and potential employers an idea of who you are as a student, a young professional, and an individual.


  • Address the cover letter to "Dear Sir or Madam"
  • Discuss your reasons for participation in the internship program
  • Discuss your academic background and relevant professional experience
  • Discuss the type of work placement you may be interested in
  • Discuss your career ambitions
  • Discuss why this internship location interests you
  • Do NOT discuss what experience you are lacking. Instead, discuss how this experience will benefit you as a young professional.

Q: What are the requirements for acceptance?
Generally, a minimum of 45 credit hours completed by the start of Summer 2014 and a 2.5 minimum GPA are required for acceptance. Contact CGE if you come close to these qualifications.

Q: What are my chances of being accepted to the program?
As long as students meet the minimum qualifications, they have a very good chance for acceptance. There is no cap on the number of accepted students.

Q: Do I need Portuguese language experience to apply?
No. Students are not expected to have any Portuguese language skills prior to the start of the program. An interest in learning the language will be beneficial to maximize the professional and cultural experience for participants.

Q: What is the process for being placed in an internship?
Program participants are placed in an internship after acceptance into the program. Participant resumes and cover letters are forwarded to potential host employers for selection. The placement process can take weeks to months; however, every participant is guaranteed an internship.

Q: Do I get to choose the company and placement?
You are placed in an internship based on your academic background, personal interests, and professional experience; however, you cannot choose the exact company. A placement is guaranteed, and your background is used to place you in the position. All efforts are made to place you in a position most related to your field. 

Q: How can I earn internship credits in my major?
To earn internship credits in your major, you must first speak with your department’s internship coordinator. If you fit the department’s requirements to earn credit, the CGE will work with you to obtain your preferred credit. If you are not eligible to earn credit in your major, you can still earn the same amount of credits with the program’s default credit options.

Q: Do I need a visa?
Yes, you’ll be required to apply for your Vitem IV student visa independently and the cost is not included in the Program Fee. Although CGE will provide guidance with the visa process, the visa application is the responsibility of the participant.

Q: Where do I live while in Brazil?

Participant housing is with homestay families in Curitiba, Brazil. Contact CGE for additional information.

*CGE reserves the right to make changes to a program in light of currency fluctuations, changing security and safety conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances.