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Read this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education to learn why international internships are important for young professionals

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What are internship credits and how do they work with international internship programs?

Internship credits are courses within the GMU curriculum created for the purpose of earning credit for professional, practical, or field experiences.  Most departments at GMU have internship or practicum courses within their curriculum.
Students participating on international internship programs are guaranteed the total number of credits the program offers, however the exact course(s) you earn credit for requires the approval of your department.

Each department has different eligibility requirements for internships, so you should first speak with Gregory Seiler ( about the possibility of doing internships in your major.  Second, you should speak with either your academic advisor or the internships coordinator within your department for approval.

If approved to earn internship credit abroad, the process could take one of two forms depending on what the participant’s academic department decides:

  1. Students work with the official assigned faculty for the CGE internship program and follow the official program syllabus.

  2. Students work with a professor within their department, who assigns a separate syllabus specific to the department.

For both of the above arrangements, the participants’ in-country and at work experience is exactly the same.  The students all work at their assigned jobs, have the same housing assignments, and have the same excursions.  The only difference is the syllabus, the professor, and the assignments the students must complete to earn the credit.

CGE will prepare the paperwork with your department and college to allow you to register for the approved course.

All potential and current international internship participants should complete the Internship Course Credit Worksheet and visit or contact the program officer for your program to discuss credit.

What is the academic work like for an internship program?

Academic work for internships is focused on what the student is learning within their job.  Typically students must create learning objectives before the internship program begins, submit weekly journal (blog) entries about their day-to-day experiences, and submit a final paper or portfolio about their experiences.

How do I know if an international internship program is for me?

International internships are for any student looking to gain professional experience related to their area of study.  Previous professional work experience is not required – that’s why most students do internships!  All participants are guaranteed an internship.  This experience is designed to expose you to your field, a different culture, and the life of a young professional! Ideally, you will emerge from the experience with a clearer vision of your professional goals for when you graduate. 

What is each day like in an internship?

Each internship experience varies depending on the field, the company or organization, the country, and even your immediate supervisor. A job in a hotel for a tourism student in London is much different from the experience of a biology major in Curitiba, Brazil. Tasks can vary from the mundane to the exciting.  Remember, interns are usually brought in by companies to help out with a variety of projects.  You might have a lot of work to complete one day, followed by a day with very little work to do.  In exchange for helping out with these projects and contributing the goals of the organization, interns are rewarded with experience for their resume, new skills, and maybe even a great reference from your supervisor if you do a good job.

I'm ready to apply for an internship program. What do I do?

The first step to secure your spot in the program is to submit an online application and registration and processing fee for the program. Once you submit your online application, your program officer will email you with a list of supplemental documents you must turn in to CGE to make your application complete. You can also view these supplemental materials on the program page of each internship program.