London Semester Internships

London Internships

This program is offered every fall to students of all majors, international students, and students who attend universities other than George Mason University.

The Center for Global Education, in partnership with Anglo Educational Services, offers students the unique opportunity to participate in a professional academic internship in London. Students are placed in unpaid professional internships for academic credit, based on their course work, skills and personal interests.

Previous Placements

Click here to see a list of past placements. The internship component of the program involves working at a company 3 days per week, earning the intern 6 Mason credits. The other two days students take two courses taught by local British Faculty alongside a course taught by the George Mason University Faculty Director for a total of 15 credits for the semester. Weekends are "free."


Read Rachael Dickson's Day in the Life. Rachael interned at the Kilburn Times during the Spring 2009 semester.

Courses Offered Fall 2014

  • ANTH 400 - taught by faculty director Dr. Susan Trecher. A general education synthesis course at GMU. 3 credits.

  • British Life and Culture - Seeking credit for HIST 398 and GLOA 480. 3 credits.

  • Comparative British Politics - Seeking credit for GOVT 398. 3 credits.

  • Internship Credits - Participants should meet with the Program Officer to discuss what credits are available for the 6 internship credits:

COMM 307, NCLC 490, GLOA 495, GOVT 480, ENGL 498, HIST 399, CONF 385, ECON 498, WMST 400 and More! You may be able to earn internship credits in your major. Contact Greg Seiler to discuss your options for internship credit or speak to your academic

Students are evaluated according to their performance at the internships, and are also required to

complete reflective and research assignments as part of their coursework (From both the Mason Faculty Director and their London professors). All students, both Mason and non-Mason, are eligible for career counseling, resume writing tips and internship search strategies from Mason's University Career Services, in SUB 1, Room 348.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to apply?

Online application and registration and processing fee

Submit all supplemental materials: 1 Passport-size photo, Electronic Resume, Electronic Cover Letter, 2 letters of recommendation (academic or professional), Official Transcripts from home university (unofficial okay for GMU students), copy of front and back of health insurance card, copy of passport, VA tuition form (for Non-Mason students only).

Materials can be sent to the CGE office or emailed to

Q: What are the requirements for acceptance?
Minimum of 45 credit hours completed by the start of Fall 2014 and 2.5 minimum GPA.

Q: What are my chances of being accepted to the program?
As long as students meet the minimum qualifications, they have a very good chance for acceptance. There is no cap on the number of accepted students.

Q: If I don’t attend George Mason University, can I still apply?
Absolutely. Many program participants attended universities in Virginia and across the United States. Recent graduates and graduate students are also encouraged to apply.

Q: What is the process for be placed in an internship?
Program participants are placed in an internship after acceptance to the program. Participant resumes and cover letters are forwarded to potential host employers for selection. The placement process can take weeks to months, however every participant is guaranteed an internship.

Q: Do I get to choose the company and placement?
You are placed in an internship based on your academic background, personal interest, and professional experience, however you cannot choose the exact company. A placement is guaranteed and your background is used to place you in the position. All efforts are made to place you in a position most related to your field. 

Q: How can I earn internship credits in my major?
To earn internship credits in your major, you must first speak with your department’s internship coordinator. If you fit the department’s requirements to earn credit, the CGE will work with you to obtain your preferred credit. If you are not eligible to earn credit in your major, you can still earn the same amount of credit with the program’s default credit options.

Q: Do I need a visa?
Yes, you’ll be required to apply for your visa and the cost is not included in the program fee.  CGE will provide guidance with the visa process and the necessary visa sponsorship document.

Q: What are the working hours?
Working hours vary depending on the workplace. Just as with any job, the field and specific sites have different requirements. You should expect to work full-time, 3 days a week.

Q: Where do I live while in London?
Participant housing is always in flats or a townhouse shared with other program participants.  The housing is located within a convenient commute to  downtown London, and within walking distance to a stop on the London Underground.

*CGE reserves the right to make changes to a program in light of currency fluctuations, changing security and safety conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances.